Corporate events

Corporate Events Corporate Events

Your corporate events require careful planning and, of course, professional transportation service, which we are for sure able to handle! Whether it is arrivals and departures, or group activities, we can handle it regardless of size or complexity.
We know that transportation for your corporate events is the first and last experience your guests will have while attending your event, which is why we treat each and every passenger as a VIP.
We will work with your manifests, confirm all flights and ensure vehicles are on time and prepared for any special requests. When it comes to event planning, one thing that is sure is the uncertainty, changes in last minute, delayed flights, busy roads, but don’t worry, we have seen it, heard it, and most importantly, resolved it!

Business transfer

We can assure you that all of our drivers are trained to ensure they deliver the best professional service to you and your clients.  
We specialize in understanding all of the logistics involved in corporate travel and event planning. We understand that the services we provide are a direct reflection of you and your company, so we will make sure to leave the best lasting impression on your top clients, CEOs and even participants.
We can assure you that we can handle even the largest events, since we take care of the smallest details when it comes to planning and execution of the service!