Pearls of Montenegro*

Perast Perast

This full day trip starts with the beautiful town Perast, located on the coast of Montenegro. The drive from Dubrovnik lasts about two and a half hours, but will surely feel less when driving through and looking at the beautiful Montenegrin coast. When you arrive in Perast, the small and breathtaking coastal city, you will discover its rich maritime history and stonework everywhere you go. The city feels like a mosaic, built around baroque buildings of extraordinary beauty, churches and stone houses, which you will see when walking through the city. After sightseeing in Perast, you will continue your journey to Kotor, the city that is on the UNESCO’s list of protected cultural heritage. The city is surrounded by four kilometre long walls and it has a maritime museum, small and big squares, with winding streets. Being there and seeing it with your own eyes is a story that cannot be told. Lunch break will be in Kotor, after which we will continue to Budva. It is another mesmerising city on the coast of Montenegro, which is said to have had one of the oldest colonies on the Adriatic coast. The city has a lot of cultural and historical heritage to offer, from ancient churches and monasteries, monuments and fortresses (Citadela being the most famous one). After experiencing and sightseeing around Budva, we will head back to Dubrovnik.

*Since there are crowds on the border and roads, this one-day trip will be held only in April, May, October and November

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