Discover the historical, cultural and religious charms of Montenegro

Kotor Kotor

Your full day tour of beautiful Montenegrin coast starts with the town of Perast. The drive from Dubrovnik lasts for around two and a half hours, as you will arrive there. Perast is a small and breathtaking coastal city, where you will explore its rich maritime history and stonework everywhere you go. The city is built around baroque buildings of extraordinary beauty, churches and stone houses, which you will see during your sightseeing. Once you finish sightseeing of Perast, you will continue your journey to Kotor, surrounded by four-kilometre-long walls. The city is inscribed on the UNESCO’s list of protected cultural heritage. It has many attractions for you to see, such as a maritime museum, small and big squares, winding streets, etc. Lunch break will be in Kotor, after which we will drive an hour and a half to Cetinje, the Montenegrin historical capital and origin of its religion and patriotism. The city is very special for its architecture and its museums, where one can find precious testimonies of the centuries-old struggle from proud and heroic defenders of the city.

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