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Where river separates cultures and religion

Mostar Mostar

The tour starts with drive of around three hours, through picturesque Bosnian countryside, you will arrive in Mostar. The city has an amazingly rich history holding so many religions and cultures together, which you will experience through the many sights there. The city is also known for its two sides, which are separated by the Neretva River and connected by the famous Mostar Bridge. Besides the bridge, which is the town’s main landmark, there are more fascinating sights, such as the Mosque of Mostar, Kajtaz House, Crooked Bridge, Hammam Museum and many other places that are worth your attention.  Once you are finished with sightseeing, there will be a lunch break in one of the local restaurants, where you will taste amazing Bosnian dishes, after which you can have some free time to experience Mostar by walking around the city along its stone streets and breathe in the history by yourself.

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