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When culture and religion collide…

Mostar Mostar

Once you leave Dubrovnik, and after a drive of around three hours, you will arrive in Mostar. The city is mostly known for holding many cultures and religions together, and offers many historical sights that shows the differences in cultures of certain parts of the city. Mostar is also known by Mostar Bridge, which connects the two sides of the city, that are separated by the Neretva River. Besides the bridge, which is the town’s main landmark, there are more fascinating sights, such as the Mosque of Mostar, Kajtaz House, Crooked Bridge, Hammam Museum and many other places that are worth your attention.  After sightseeing, there will be a lunch break, after which we will continue to Međugorje. After around 40 minutes, you will arrive at one of the most famous religious and spiritual spot in the world. Međugorje became one of the must see destination for the Catholic world, after the apparition of the Virgin Mary in 1981. You will have enough time to discover all of the sacred places, such as Apparition Hill, St. James Church, Cross Mountain, Via Domini, etc., after which we go back to Dubrovnik.

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