Picturesque countryside of Dubrovačko Primorje

Dubrovačko Primorje Dubrovačko Primorje

Your full day trip to Ston will give you a chance to explore the 14th century city, with the second largest walls in the world, its attractive gothic centre and salt works. The drive to Ston takes about one hour, through small villages in the Dubrovacko Primorje, surrounded by countryside and sea. When your tour of Ston is finished, you will head off to a small place called Smokovljani, 30 minutes away, in Dubrovacko Primorje, where you will be the guests on the rural tourism ranch. The property welcomes you with their homemade brandies, such as lozovaca, travarica, etc. and their homemade dishes, which will not leave you unmoved. You will try food that is traditional for this part of Croatia, enjoy the ranch with many animals and the pure natural beauty that surrounds the property, with sounds of the traditional instrument “ljerica”, that make the perfect atmosphere for your enjoyment. This full-day tour will give an insight into the life of a local and you will definitely leave with good memories.

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