Bonding Croatian coastline with Bosnian land

Medjugorje Medjugorje

Day 1 (Dubrovnik – arrival)
As you land in Dubrovnik’s airport, you will be met by your personal driver, who will take you to your hotel. The first day is free for you to settle in and explore the city if you wish.

Day 2 (City Centre & Konvle)
Once you had breakfast at your hotel, you will start your tour around the city. Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea, has many attractions to offer in its Old Town. You will walk around the city, walk on the city walls, see the pharmacy that is one of the oldest in Europe, the Rector’s Palace, Sponza Palace, the Church of St. Blaise, and many more. Your guide will walk you through the city and tell you about its magnificent history. We then continue our trip to Konavle, the area that is mostly known for its silk, but also for its beautiful countryside. Lunch will be enjoyed in Konavle, after which we will head to an atelier, a Konavle traditional silk art shop. The production of silk in Konavle is a part of tradition in this area. You will have the opportunity to experience it in atelier, through demonstrations of traditional sewing that is practiced in Konavle. You will then go back to Dubrovnik to enjoy the city’s atmosphere at night.

Day 3 (Sarajevo)
Early in the morning, you will meet your driver, as you will continue your tour to Sarajevo. Since the drive to Sarajevo takes around 4 and a half hours, you will make a stop at a small place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, called Buna, where you will have a lunch break and some time to relax from driving. You will then continue to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. When you arrive in the city, you will be taken to the hotel to settle in, after which you can have free time to explore the city on your own, since it offers many attractions worth seeing.

Day 4 (Međugorje & Mostar)
After breakfast in the hotel, you will drive to the city of Međugorje. After two and a half hours, you will arrive at one of the most famous religious and spiritual places in the world. Međugorje became one of the must see destination for the Catholic world after the apparition of the Virgin Mary in 1981. You will have enough time to discover all of the sacred places such as Apparition Hill, St. James Church, Cross Mountain, Via Domini, etc. After sightseeing, you will have lunch, from where you will continue your journey to Mostar. The drive to Mostar takes around 30 minutes, through the Bosnian beautiful countryside. The city is mostly known for holding many cultures and religions together, and offers many historical sights that shows the differences in cultures of certain parts of the city. Mostar is also known by Mostar Bridge, which connects the two sides of the city, that are separated by the Neretva River. Besides the bridge, which is the town’s main landmark, there are more fascinating sights, such as the Mosque of Mostar, Kajtaz House, Crooked Bridge, Hammam Museum and many other places that are worth your attention. After sightseeing in Mostar, you will head back to Sarajevo, driving through picturesque villages and beautiful countryside.

Day 5 (Split)
As you finish with breakfast in Sarajevo, take your suitcases and meet your driver in front of the hotel, as you will continue your trip back to Croatia. You are now going to Split, a beautiful city on the Adriatic coast. During your drive through the Bosnian villages and countryside, you will take a short break to rest, after which you continue to Split. After crossing the border, there is only an hour’s drive, where you will be taken to the hotel and after will be free time for you to enjoy of the city.

Day 6 (Split & Krka National Park)
Early in the morning, after breakfast, you will have a morning tour of the city of Split. The tour will be around the old part of the city where you will see many attractions, like the Diocletian’s Palace, Cathedral of St. Domnius, the Ivan Mestrovic Gallery, the People’s Square and many more. After sightseeing in Split, you will continue your journey to Krka National Park, where firstly, you will have lunch at a local restaurant. Afterwards you will explore this National Park, which it will be a one-time opportunity to get away from the busy city and spend the perfect day surrounded by the protected and unspoiled nature in Krka National Park. Inside the park, you have the option to have a guided tour or walk freely by yourself. You will then head back to Split, where you have some free time for your own enjoyment.

Day 7 (Split – departure)
The last day of this tour will be free until the time of your departure. You will be taken to the airport by your driver around two hours before your international flight, to have enough time to do the check-in. Split airport is not big, and it is easy to find each gate, since there are not many of them.

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