Silk demonstration as part of the tradition

Silk Silk

This full day tour of picturesque Konavle are starts with small city of Cavtat. Cavtat is a picturesque coastal town,which offers many attractions for you to see, starting with museum of Vlaho Bukovac, one of the most famous Croatian painters. Cavtat has few other attractions for you to see, such as St. Nicholas church, the Franciscan monastery, Racic Mausoleum, etc. When sightseeing of Cavtat is over, we continue our trip to Konavle, the area that is mostly known for its production of silk, but also for the beautiful countryside that covers the whole area.  Lunch will be enjoyed in Konavle, after which we will head to silk demonstration to one of Konavle's traditional art shop specializing in silk. The production of silk in Konavle has definitely become part of tradition, as well as their cultural and historical heritage. You will have the opportunity to experience it all in an atelier, by viewing demonstrations of traditional Konavle sewing techniques.

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