Explore the coast of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Dubrovnik

The boat tour to the island of Lokrum and Cavtat is simply such a different experience from when going to Lokrum or to Cavtat by car. You get to see the side of the city that cannot be seen when on land. The ride to Lokrum takes about 15 to 20 minutes, after which you can discover the beauties that this island offers. While wandering through the island, you will stumble upon a few attractions, such as an 11th century church and monastery, the castle of Maximilian of Habsburg, the spectacular gardens that surround the buildings, Charlotte’s Well, and many paths that are preserved over the years. The island is breathtaking not only for its nature and ancient buildings, but also for the animals (rabbits and peacocks) that run freely throughout. After spending some time on Lokrum, we continue to the beautiful town of Cavtat while sailing along Dubrovnik’s coast. The small town of Cavtat is located just around 30 minutes from Dubrovnik. It is a picturesque coastal town, mostly known for being the birthplace of the famous painter Vlaho Bukovac, whose house has been turned into a museum with his paintings. Cavtat has many other attractions for you to see such as St. Nicholas Church, the Franciscan monastery and Racic Mausoleum, or you can decide on skipping all of that and after lunch in one of the amazing small family restaurants in Cavtat, take a walk on the pathway by the sea.
The day will end by getting back to your yacht and relaxing on deck until reaching Dubrovnik. Your personal driver will be waiting on the pier and drive you back to your hotel.

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