Uniting nature with the city

Krka Krka

The tour to Krka National park from Split will be a one time opportunity to get away from the busy city and spend the perfect day surrounded by the protected and untouched nature of Krka National Park. The drive from Split takes around an hour, after which you will go inside the park and explore trails, walk through the magnificent nature and maybe swim under waterfalls. Inside the park, you have the option to have a guided tour of the park or walk freely by yourself. After you finished exploring the park, you will continue the tour to Šibenik, which is the oldest city on the Adriatic coast. While there, you will be able to explore the city, as well visit its main attractions such as St. Jacob’s Cathedral, which is a UNESCO protected monument. There will be a lunch break in Šibenik, after which you will head back to Split.

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