Cultural and religious centers

Mostar Mostar

Once you leave Split and cross the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will arrive to Međugorje. The city became one of the most religious and spiritual spot in the world after the apparition of Virgin Mary in 1981. As you will have sightseeing tour, you will see and experience all of the sacred places. After sightseeing, there will be a lunch break and then we will continue to Mostar, a 40 minute drive away. Mostar has such a rich history and is unique because it holds many religions and cultures together, which you can see through many historical buildings there. The city is also known for its two sides, which are separated by the Neretva River and connected by the famous Mostar Bridge. Besides the bridge, there are even more fascinating sights, such as the Mosque of Mostar, Kajtaz House, Crooked Bridge, Hammam Museum and many other places that you will definitely want to see. After sightseeing, there will be a lunch break, after which you can have some free time to experience Mostar.

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