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The lands of rich history and remarkable nature

Split Split

As you leave from Split and border crossing into Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will arrive in Mostar. The city is one of the treasures of Bosnia and Herzegovina, by holding so many religions and cultures together, which you will get to know through the historical buldings while there. The city's landmark, the famous Mostar Bridge, is one of the must see sights. Besides the bridge, you will see many more historical sights, such as the Mosque of Mostar, Kajtaz House, Crooked Bridge, Hammam Museum and many other places that are worth your attention. There will then be a lunch break, after which we will continue to Blagaj, which is only 20 minutes away. The village-town, is truly an oasis of peace and natural harmony. A place where everyone comes for its remarkable beauty and interesting history, which can be felt with every moment spent there. The outstanding ambiance of Buna Well, Dervish monastery and the River Buna is what makes this place so special and which will definitely leave you content.

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