Discover Croatia from the south to the north

Trogir Trogir

Day 1 (Split – arrival)
When you arrive at Split airport, you will be met by your personal driver and taken to your hotel. As you settle in and rest from your flight, you can spend the day walking through the city or have drinks on the promenade by the sea.

Day 2 (City Centre & Trogir)
Early in the morning, after breakfast, you will have a morning tour of the city of Split You will be guided through the old part of the city where you will see many attractions, like the Diocletian’s Palace, cathedral of St. Domnius, the Ivan Mestrovic Gallery, the People’s Square and many more. After sightseeing in Split, you will continue your trip to Trogir, a small city which is 40 minutes away. As you arrive in Trogir, you will have a lunch break in a local restaurant, where you will taste traditional Dalmatian dishes, after which you will have a sightseeing tour. Trogir is a small harbour town, situated on an island next to the Croatian mainland and it is the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic city in all of Central Europe. It is surrounded by walls, it has castles, churches and palaces for you to explore. Some of the attractions that you will see in Trogir are the church of St. Lawrence, the city gates and city walls, the Duke’s Palace, The Fortress Kamerlengo, and many more. After exploring the city, you will head back to Split, where you will have some free time.

Day 3 (Šibenik & Zadar)
Once you had your breakfast, you will start your tour in the city of Šibenik, which is the oldest city on the Adriatic coast. Before sightseeing, you will have lunch in a local restaurant where you will taste traditional Mediterranean dishes, after which you will be able to explore the city, as well as visit its main attractions such as St. Jacob’s Cathedral, which is a UNESCO protected monument. After sightseeing, you will head to Zadar and after settling in the hotel, you can walk around the city, enjoying the city’s nightlife.

Day 4 (City Centre, Plitvice & Zagreb)
As you had breakfast, you will take a guided tour of the many attractions Zadar has to offer, such as St. Donatus Church, the Museum of Ancient Glass, St. Anastasia’s Cathedral, the Roman Forum, and many more. You will visit Zadar’s incredible Sea Organ and listen to the sea whispering to you, as well as the Sun Salutation to see the magnificent light show, both made by the wonderful architect Nikola Bašić. After sightseeing, you will have a lunch break, where you will taste traditional Dalmatian food, mostly made from Mediterranean ingredients, after which you will visit the Plitvice National Park, located in the heart of Croatia, an hour and a half drive from Zadar. The Plitvice Lakes present a unique cultural and natural value not only in Croatia but around the world. It earned its spot on the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage places with its remarkable beauty. You can walk through the forest, beside lakes and see waterfalls by the rivers. Plitvice lakes are constantly evolving, as the water changes course and makes new picturesque images. While in Plitvice, you will be able to try some delicious local food, as you will have lunch there, after which you will settle in your hotel and have the rest of the evening to yourself.

Day 5 (Zagreb)
After breakfast you will continue your tour to the city of Zagreb. After settling in the hotel, you will have lunch at a local restaurant, where you will try traditional cuisine from this part of Croatia. You will then start your guided tour of the city, which begins at Ban Jelacic Square, from which you will walk up Tkalciceva Street, all the way to the Cathedral, St. Mark’s Church and Stone Gates. These mesmerising architectural wonders show the best of this beautiful city’s culture and history.

Day 6 (Trakošćan & Kumrovec)
Early in the morning, you will have a tour of other cities in Croatian Hinterland. First, you will visit the glorious castle of Trakošćan, which is an hour and a half far away from Zagreb, through green hills, picturesque landscapes, passing fairy tale castles and vineyards. Trakošćan castle is situated at the top of a hill and it is one of the most beautiful in Croatia, as you will see when you explore inside. Outside the castle, you can take a nice walk through the park by the lake and enjoy the scenery. After sightseeing, you will continue to a small city of Kumrovec, surrounded with ruins of Cesargrad and forest slopes near the river Sutla, and has a memorial statue for the Croatian National Anthem “Lijepa Naša”. The most famous village in the world, as their locals like to call it, is the “Staro selo”, which is a unique open-air museum and has original, preserved country houses from the 19th century. Visitors are able to experience the lifestyle that was traditional for 19th century people in that part of Croatia, such as country weddings, craftsmanship, carpentry craft, pottery, etc. After a lunch break in Kumrovec, you will head back to Zagreb, so you can explore the city on your own and experience the city’s pulse at night.

Day 7 (Zagreb – departure)
The last day of this tour will be free in Zagreb until the time of your departure. You will be taken to the airport by your driver around two hours before your international flight. as you will have enough time for check-in and finding your gate for departure.

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