Explore the Blue cave and the astonishing island of Hvar

Blue Cave Blue Cave

The tour starts with the magnificent Blue Cave of Biševo. It is one of 26 caves on the Island of Biševo, in a bay called Balun. The cave was formed by erosion from the sea, and once you are in, you will be see the intense blue shades of the cave, which occur due to the reflection of the sun into the water which then bounce back from the white sandstone bottom. The Blue Cave has been protected since 1951. After exploring the cave, you will proceed to Hvar, one of the top 10 beautiful islands in the world. You will have lunch here and then can explore the island. Hvar is mostly known for its great night life, but it offers much more than that. When you wander around the island, you will see many attractions, such as Fortica fortress, with its rich history, Arsenal, one of the first European public theatres, The Franciscan monastery, Cathedral, etc. After discovering the island, you will head back to the boat and return to Split while enjoying the picturesque scenery.

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