Enjoy your day by the beach

Brac Brac

The island of Brač is the biggest island in Dalmatia and one of the three biggest in the whole of Croatia.
Brač Island is filled with rich flora and fauna and the seasons on Brač are more distinguishable than on any other islands on the Adriatic Sea.
It holds many undiscovered beaches and coves, of which the most well-known is Zlatni rat in an area called Bol. The beach made it to the list of 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, which is not a surprise after you see the magnificence that it holds.
When you arrive at Bol, you will be able to relax on the beach, swim or enjoy any other kind of activity that is on offer.
After an hour or two, you will head to a small place called Milna, where you will have lunch, after which there will be more time for swimming in the crystal-clear sea and enjoying the beautiful views that the island holds.

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