Truffle hunting and countryside of Istria

Motovun Motovun

You will start your full-day tour with Motovun, a small medieval city that is situated on a hill, about 270 metres above sea level, with houses that are spread all around. The city stands on an ancient city which name is still unknown and it holds many Roman remains that give us an insight into its history. Motovun is surrounded by solid walls, which are used as a path for walking and for the perfect viewing spot. The city has remarkable architecture, which dates back to Roman, Renaissance and Gothic times. Some of the must-see sights in Motovun are the Church of the Virgin Mary of Gates, Polesini Palace, The City Doors and more. After sightseeing of Motovun, you will have the experience of being a true explorer, as you will go truffle hunting. A truffle is a type of fungus or mushroom, that is quite expensive and a truly delicious ingredient of many tasteful dishes. It is very rare as it grows in only a few places and can be found for just a couple of months in the year. Beautiful Istria happens to be a place where world-known truffles grow and not only can you taste these mushrooms in a variety of dishes, but you have the opportunity to hunt for them yourself with assistance from professional truffle hunters. This opportunity will definitely be a unique experience for all of the gourmands and foodies around the world. After this amazing experience your next stop will be Karojba, which is just 10 minutes away. Karojba is a small municipality in Istria and being the perfect place for taking a break, you can walk around it and enjoy, after which you  will visit one rural household, where you will have lunch at the property, with the spectacular views of Motovun and scenery around it. The property is a family-run business, where you can taste local Istrian wines, as you will enjoy the spectacular atmosphere of the place.

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