Experience the small cities of Croatian hinterland

Klanjec Klanjec

The first stop of you tour will be in a small city of Klanjec, which is situated in the western part of Croatia, in the part called Zagorje, near the border with Slovenia, on the river Sutla. It offers few attractive sights, such as ancient churches, galleries, and memorial cemetery, where the writer of Croatian anthem found his place. After Klanjec, you will continue to the city of Kumrovec, surrounded with ruins of Cesargrad and forest slopes near the river Sutla, holds the memorial for Croatian Anthem “Lijepa Naša”, which was built in 1935, on its 100th anniversary. The most famous village in the world, as their locals like to call it, holds the museum “Staro selo”, which is a unique museum on open-air, and has original, preserved country houses from 19th century. Visitors are able to experience the lifestyle that was traditional for 19th century in that part of Croatia, such as country weddings, craftsmanship, carpentry craft, pottery, etc. After sightseeing of Kumrovec, you will continue to Gresna Gorica, which is a place where you can taste rural tourism as nowhere else, and is also located in Croatian part Zagorje. It is a family run business, which started with rural tourism in 1996. They collected old objects which are typical for country living, and started to organize and decorate their environment to give that rural and natural atmosphere at their restaurant. With local and traditional dishes, their local wines and beverages, the vineyards and meadows, you will surely have the feeling of being somewhere in medieval times.

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