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Treasures of Zagreb

Zagreb Zagreb

The heart of Croatia, the capital and the central spot of every tourist that comes to Croatia, Zagreb is the city worthy of your exploration. You will start at Ban Jelacic Square, from which you will walk up Tkalciceva Street, all the way to the Cathedral, St. Mark’s Church and Stone Gates. These mesmerising architectural wonders show the best of this charming city’s culture and history. After exploring the Upper Town, you will go back to Ban Jelacic Square and explore the parks that follow the road to the railway station. After exploring the city you will go to Mirogoj, Zagreb’s cemetery, which is considered to be the most beautiful cemetery in Europe. Mirogoj is also a park, through which you can walk and see all of the beautiful monuments and statues, as well as the “outdoor art gallery” with many famous people buried with carved memorials.

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