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Explore the prehistoric wonders of Slovenia

Postojna Postojna

Postojna Cave is one part of two famous cave networks in Slovenia. These natural wonders were created several millions of years ago by the River Rivka and rainwater. After a two and a half hour drive, you will reach the cave. You will then get on a small train and after a ride that last for about 10 minutes you will find yourself inside this remarkable cave, which is full of prehistoric wonders and beauties. After exploring the cave, you will continue the tour in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. This former Roman colony is turned into an energetic & vibrant city rich in culture. During the sightseeing tour you will see the city’s amazing architecture, fortresses from middle ages, Preseren Square, Franciscan Monastery, and the most known, the Triple Bridge. You will have a lunch break in Ljubljana, after which you will have some free time to discover the city on your own after which you will head back to Zagreb.

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