Historical adventure of beautiful Slavonia

Vukovar Vukovar

Day 1 (Zagreb – arrival)
When you land at Zagreb airport, your personal driver will meet you and take you to your hotel. After you settle in the hotel, you can explore the city on your own, as this day is free for you to relax and prepare for following week.

Day 2 (City Centre & Osijek)
In the morning, after breakfast, you will meet your driver and start your morning tour of Zagreb. You will begin by discovering the Upper Town at Ban Jelacic Square, from which you will walk up Tkalciceva Street, all the way to the Cathedral, St. Mark’s Church and Stone Gates. You will be captivated by these architectural wonders, through which you will get to know the culture and history of this beautiful city. After exploring the Upper Town you will go to the Lower Town and see the magnificent parks. There will then be a lunch break at one of the best restaurants in Zagreb to try some traditional dishes. After lunch, you will continue your trip to Slavonia and its beautiful city of Osijek. The drive to Osijek takes about two and a half hours, through the entrancing countryside of Slavonia with high mountains, green fields and forests. When you arrive in the hotel, you will have free time to settle in and to sightsee around the city on your own, getting a small picture of the attractions that Osijek has to offer.

Day 3 (City Centre & Kopački Rit)
After breakfast, you will meet your driver and start your tour of Osijek, which is the 4th biggest city in Croatia. The tour will take you around Osijek’s main attractions, such as the Museum of Slavonia, the Fortress of Osijek, Cathedral of St. Peter, King Tomislav Park and a walk along the Drava River Promenade. After the tour, you can again walk along the promenade or have drinks by the river Drava and enjoy the view of the city. Then there will be a lunch break where you can try some of the best traditional Slavonian dishes. Afterwards you will visit the nature park Kopački Rit. It is a swampland home to thousands of animals, especially birds and one of the biggest in Europe. You can wander around this magnificent area, watch birds and many other animals as they walk freely through the woods. Or you can have more sporting day with rafting in the river or biking through the countryside. After enjoying this afternoon outdoors, you will go back to the city of Osijek and experience the city’s nightlife.

Day 4 (Vukovar)
Early in the morning, after breakfast, you will continue your Slavonian trip and visit the city of Vukovar. It is 40 minutes away from Osijek and it is known as the city that was destroyed the most during the Civil War. The city as it is today is completely different than before, since most of the buildings were damaged. During your tour of Vukovar, you will see the Vučedol Culture Museum, Castle Eltz and Vukovar Hospital, where you will see a multimedia projection of the tragic events during the Civil War and the Water Tower, which became the symbol of suffering in Vukovar. There will then be time for a lunch break. Afterwards you will visit Ovčara Memorial, which is the building where victims of the war were tortured. Inside the Memorial, you will see pictures of victims and will learn of the events that happened here. You will then return to Osijek where you can rest and relax with a couple of drinks in the city centre, to be fresh for the next day.

Day 5 (Vinkovci & Đakovo)
Once you had your breakfast, you will continue your tour to another city in Slavonia, Vinkovci. The city is only 45 minutes away from Osijek. The city of Vinkovci is one of the oldest in Europe with an uninterrupted lifespan of more than 8,000 years. It is full of historical sites and many cultural attractions, which you will see during your guided tour, such as Kozarac monument, Ivan Kozarac Memorial House, St. Elias Church, St. Eusebius and Polion Church, etc. After sightseeing, you will have a lunch break at a city restaurant, so you can taste some of the traditional dishes from Vinkovci. You will then go on to Đakovo to see one of the oldest stables in Europe. You will learn about the traditions of horse breeding in this area, with a guided tour of the stables. You can then walk through the beautiful countryside, see the horses around you and views of the spectacular scenery. After this day well spent in nature, you will head back to the city and spend your last evening there with some refreshing drinks or a walk along the promenade.

Day 6 (Belgrade)
Early in the morning, you will leave your hotel, and start your trip to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. The drive to Belgrade is around 3 hours, depending if there is traffic at the border. When you arrive in the city, you will be taken to your hotel to settle in and afterwards there will be lunch at a local restaurant to try ćevapčići with onions. There will then be a short sightseeing tour where you will discover the Kalemegdan fortress, streets with historical and cultural value to the city, Nikola Pašić Square, the Military History Museum, and many more. After sightseeing, you will have free time to explore the city, as you get to know it better by wandering around on your own.

Day 7 (Belgrade – departure)
The last day of this tour will be free depending on the time of your departure. You will be taken to the airport by your driver around two hours before your international flight, to have enough time to check-in.

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