Beautiful symphony of historical Croatian hinterland and treasures of Istrian peninsula

Kumrovec Kumrovec

Day 1 (Zagreb – arrival)
You will be met at Zagreb airport by your personal driver and taken to your hotel. This first day will be free for you to get settled and explore the city by yourself.

Day 2 (City Centre & Medvednica)
Once you finish with your breakfast, your morning tour of Zagreb will begin. You will begin your toru from Ban Jelacic Square, and finish it all the way on the Upper Town to see the Cathedral, St. Mark’s Church and Stone Gates and then all the way back to the Lower Town and see its attractions. After exploring the Upper and Lower Town, you will have a lunch break, from where you will continue the tour to Medvednica, which is a mountain outside the city of Zagreb and one of the most popular places where people go hiking, walking, bike rides, skiing, etc. At the top of the mountain is Sljeme, the place where people go to avoid the hustle and bustle from the Croatian capital. During winter, the most famous ski race “Snjezna Kraljica” is held here every year. While exploring Medvednica, you can visit Veternica cave, Medvedgrad, which is a castle built for the protection of the citizens, the Zrinski mine or you can enjoy delicious food that the restaurants on top of the mountain can offer. After enjoying some time in the countryside, you will head back to the city, where you can wander around the streets of Zagreb and discover the city on your own.

Day 3 (Trakošćan castle & Kumrovec)
Early in the morning, you will have a tour of the Croatian hinterland. First, you will visit the glorious castle of Trakošćan, which is an hour and a half far away from Zagreb, through green hills, picturesque landscapes, passing fairy tale castles and vineyards. Trakošćan castle is situated at the top of a hill and it is one of the most beautiful in Croatia. Outside the castle, you can take a nice walk through the park by the lake and enjoy the scenery. After sightseeing, you will continue to the small city of Kumrovec, surrounded with ruins of Cesargrad and forest slopes near the river Sutla. The most famous village in the world, as their locals like to call it, is the “Staro selo”, which is a unique open-air museum and has original, preserved country houses from the 19th century. Visitors are able to experience the lifestyle that was traditional for 19th century people in that part of Croatia, such as country weddings, craftsmanship, carpentry craft, pottery, etc. After a lunch break in Kumrovec, you will be taken back to Zagreb, so you can enjoy the city’s atmosphere as it is your last day there.

Day 4 (Opatija & Rovinj)
After breakfast, take your suitcases to your driver and continue your journey to Istria. Your first stop after two hours will be Opatija, a favorite destination for many tourists. Opatija’s architecture and buildings are like nowhere else, a beautiful symphony of renaissance, baroque, classicism, gothic and many more. You will enjoy seeing many the attraction that Opatija offers, such as Hotel Kvarner and Hotel Imperial, which were the first two hotels on the Adriatic, as well as Madonna Del Mare, Maiden with the seagull and much more. After sightseeing, you will have a lunch break at a local restaurant, from where we will go to Rovinj, your home for the next few days. When you arrive in Rovinj you will have free time to spend relaxing or exploring the city on your own.

Day 5 (Hum & Motovun)
Early in the morning, after breakfast, you will start your trip with city of Hum, the smallest city in the world. After an hour’s drive, you will have the opportunity to discover beautiful streets made out of stone, squares and huge city walls that are part of the rich historical heritage of the city. The “Aleja Glagoljasa” is the long path connecting Hum and Roc. Famous for the monuments that are dedicated to the old Croatian letter “Glagoljica”, visit Hum’s Fresca’s based in the Roman chapel of St. Jerolim and taste the home-made brandy “Humska biska”. After seeing all of its attractions, you will continue to Motovun, a small medieval city that is situated on a hill, approximately 270 meters above sea level, with houses that are dispersed all around it. Motovun is surrounded by solid walls, which are used as a path for walking and a perfect viewing spot. The city has remarkable architecture which dates back to Roman, Renaissance and Gothic times. Some of the main sights that you have to see in Motovun are the Church of Virgin Mary of Gates, Polesini Palace, The City Doors and more. After a lunch break in Motovun, you will be able to freely wander around the city, to soak up the history, beautiful monuments and the unique image that the city has. After that, you will head back to Rovinj where you can wander around the city on your own.

Day 6 (Pula & Karojba)
When you finish breakfast, you will start your journey to the city of Pula. After about an hour’s drive you will arrive in the city that holds the sixth largest Roman amphitheatre in the world. Pula is an ancient city, which has many remains from the Roman Empire, such as the amphitheatre, the Golden Gate, the Forum Romanum, St. Mary Formoza’s chapel and many more. While discovering these spectacular Roman buildings, you will learn about the history of this ancient city. After the first part of the sightseeing tour, you will have a lunch break, then your tour around the city continues and you will see more Roman heritage remains. You will then continue your tour to Karojba, which is just one hour’s drive from Pula. Karojba is a small municipality in Istria and as it is the perfect place for taking a break. Here you can relax and walk around. After which we will go back to Rovinj, so you can enjoy the city as it is your last night.

Day 7 (Ljubljana – departure)
On the last day you will be taken to Ljubljana, from where you will have your flight. The time of departure will be set so you will be at the airport around 2 hours before your international flight and you will have enough time for check-in.

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