When the hills meet the sea…

Venice Venice

Day 1 (Zagreb – arrival)
You will arrive to Zagreb’s airport, where you will be welcomed by your personal driver, and taken to your hotel. First day will be reserved for you to settle in, and have some free time to explore the city of Zagreb on your own.

Day 2 (Trakošćan Castle & Varaždin)
Once you had your breakfast, you will meet your driver and start the journey to the Croatian Hinterland. You will visit the glorious castle of Trakošćan, which is just an hour from Zagreb, driving through green hills, picturesque landscapes, passing fairy tale castles and vineyards. Trakošćan castle is situated at the top of a hill and it is one of the most beautiful in Croatia. Outside the castle, you can take a nice walk by the lake and enjoy the beautiful landscape in which the castle is surrounded. After exploring the castle, you will go into the city of Trakošćan, where you will have a lunch break, and then we will continue the trip to Varaždin, which is one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in Croatia. As well as being the previous capital city of Croatia, Varaždin has an illustrious architecture which you will see during your walking tour. You will be able to hear the amazing stories about the city, as you walk by the Cathedral of the Assumption, the Monastery of St. John the Baptist and Varaždin Town Hall. Finish this tour with some free time just to wander around the city’s street, after which you will head back to Zagreb.

Day 3 (Opatija & Rovinj)
On the third day of your tour, as you finish breakfast and packing, take your suitcases and meet your driver to continue your journey to Istria. Your first stop after two hours will be Opatija, a favorite destination for many tourists. Opatija’s architecture and buildings are like nowhere else, a beautiful symphony of renaissance, baroque, classicism, gothic and many more. You will enjoy seeing many of the attraction that Opatija offers, such as Hotel Kvarner and Hotel Imperial, which were the first two hotels on the Adriatic, as well as Madonna Del Mare, Maiden with the seagull and much more. After sightseeing, you will have a lunch break at a local restaurant, from where we will go to Rovinj, your home for the next few days. When you arrive in Rovinj you will have free time to spend relaxing or exploring the city on your own.

Day 4 (Poreč)
After having breakfast, you will meet your driver and continue your trip to another beautiful city in Istria, Poreč. With a picturesque location alongside the Adriatic Sea and a church that is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the ancient town Poreč has become a destination that is highly popular among tourists. Even though the city is quite small, it has rich history which you will see in the ancient Roman buildings. The drive from Rovinj takes around 50 minutes. Whilst there, you will be able to visit many famous sights, such as a Roman house, the Istrian Assembly Hall, Roman Forum and the most significant historical monument, the 5th century Euphrasian Basilica. You will have lunch at a local restaurant and taste some of the traditional Istrian dishes. The rest of the day is free for you to explore the city, after which you will go back to Rovinj.

Day 5 (Portorož, Piran & Koper)
Today’s day tour will be of three Slovenian small cities. It will start with the city of Portorož, the cultural centre of the Slovenian coast, which you will head to after breakfast in your hotel. The ride to Portorož takes about an hour and a half, as you will cross the border into Slovenia. The city is a perfect getaway from big crowded towns, where you can relax and escape the city’s stress by enjoying time near the sea. The next destination, just 10 minutes from Portorož, is Piran, another small city with such a rich history, which you will find out during your sightseeing tour. A few of the most interesting places you will see during your tour are Tartini Square, St. Peter church, the Franciscan monastery, Church of Our Lady of Heart, etc. After sightseeing in Piran, you will have a lunch break in a local restaurant, from which you will continue to Koper, a small harbour city on the coast. You will visit all of its attractions and hear about the city’s stories and legends. You will see Muda Gate, Šavrinke and the Lion caste, Prešeren Square, Tito Square, etc.  When you finish exploring the city and its attractions, you will go back to Rovinj, where you can wander around the city or drink a cocktail by the sea.

Day 6 (Lake Bled)
Early in the morning, after breakfast, you will meet your driver in front of the hotel and start your trip to Slovenia. Your stop after around 3 hours will be Lake Bled, which is one of the main landmarks and places of outstanding beauty in Slovenia. With an island in the middle of the lake and mountains surrounding it from every side, it looks like it’s from a fairytale. After a relaxed walk around the lake, you will have lunch in a local restaurant with traditional Slovenian dishes. You will then return to Rovinj, where you can have some more time exploring the city on your own.

Day 7 (Venice – departure)
On the last day of your trip you will be taken to Venice, from where your departure flight will be. After a small sightseeing tour, you will be taken by your driver to the local airport around two hours before your flight.

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