Treasures of Istrian and Dalmatian coast

Zadar Zadar

Day 1 (Zagreb – arrival)
You will be met at Zagreb airport by your personal driver and taken to your hotel. This first day will be free for you to get settled and explore the city by yourself.

Day 2 (City Centre & Samobor)
Once you had breakfast, you will meet your driver in front of the hotel, and your morning tour of Zagreb will begin. You will start at Ban Jelacic Square, from where you will walk up Tkalciceva Street, all the way to the Cathedral, St. Mark’s Church and Stone Gates. These mesmerizing architectural wonders show the best of this beautiful city’s culture and history. After exploring the Upper and Lower Town, you will have lunch in a city restaurant and then continue to the small medieval city of Samobor, which is just 45 minutes from Zagreb. As well as all of the historical attractions that Samobor offers, it is the beautiful landscape, parks and countryside that surround the city which makes it so special and attractive. While there, you have to try some of their specialties, including the famous vanilla cream cake which is called “kremšnita”, because if you don’t, you will miss out on having the full Samobor experience!

Day 3 (Trakošćan Castle)
Third day of your tour, as you had breakfast in your hotel, you will start your journey to the Croatian Hinterland. You will visit the glorious castle of Trakošćan, which is just one hour away from Zagreb, driving through green hills, picturesque landscapes, passing fairy tale castles and vineyards. Trakošćan castle is situated at the top of a hill and it is one of the most beautiful in Croatia. Outside the castle, you can take a nice walk by the lake and enjoy the beautiful landscape which surrounds the castle. After exploring the castle, you will go into the city of Trakošćan where you will have a lunch break, after which you will head back to Zagreb to have some more free time exploring the city on your own.

Day 4 (Pazin & Rovinj)
As you had breakfast in the hotel, and finish packing, you will pick up your suitcases and begin your journey to Istria. After two and a half hours’ drive, you will arrive in the city of Pazin, the administrative centre of Istria. At the start of the tour, you can see the 11th century castle connected to the city’s Ethnographic museum and Pazin City Museum, followed by the city’s main attraction which is Pazin Cave. This cave is hundreds of metres underneath the castle and is a mesmerizing spectacular work of nature. After exploring the cave, you will have a lunch break in a local restaurant. You will then have a one-time opportunity for all of those adrenaline lovers and go on an adventure taking a ride on a zip-line just above the Pazin Cave. This will be the perfect ending to this full day tour, as you will leave the city with good memories and continue your drive to Rovinj where you will have time for a nice walk along the promenade.

Day 5 (Plitvice lakes & Zadar)
Early in the morning, after breakfast, you will continue your tour south to the Plitvice National Park, three hours’ drive from Rovinj. The Plitvice Lakes present a unique cultural and natural value not only in Croatia but around the world. It earned its spot on the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage places with its remarkable beauty. You can walk through the forest beside lakes and see waterfalls by the river. Plitvice lakes are constantly evolving, as the water changes course and makes new picturesque images. While in Plitvice, you will be able to try some delicious local food, as you will have lunch there, after which you will continue your drive to Zadar, where you can have a drink on the beach by the sea or explore the city on your own.

Day 6 (Krka National Park & Split)
After breakfast in your hotel in Zadar, you will continue to your last stop of this tour, the city of Split. While driving to Split you will have two stops, first the beautiful Krka National Park, after an hour and a half of driving. Exploring this National Park will be a one-time opportunity to get away from busy city life and spend a perfect day surrounded by the protected and untouched nature of Krka National Park. Inside the park, you have the option to have a guided tour of the park or walk freely by yourself. After you are finished exploring the park, you will head back to the car and continue to the small town of Skradin. Here you will have your lunch break and afterwards a sightseeing tour of this romantic city with such a rich history. Finally you will head to Split and after settling in, you can walk along the promenade by the sea.

Day 7 (Split - departure)
The last day of your tour is free to explore the city of Split on your own, depending on how much time you have before your flight. Your personal driver will take you to the airport around two hours before the departure of you international flight.

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