The pearls of Croatian and Montenegrin coast

St. Stefan St. Stefan

Day 1 (Dubrovnik – arrival)
You will be greeted in Dubrovnik’s airport by your personal driver, who is going to take you to your hotel. The first day is at your own choice, as you will settle in, and explore the city, or have a drink in the city’s center on your own.

Day 2 (City Centre & Konavle)
Once you had breakfast at your hotel, you will start your tour around the city. Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea, has many attractions to offer in its Old Town. You will walk around the city, walk on the city walls, see the pharmacy that is one of the oldest in Europe, the Rector’s Palace, Sponza Palace, the Church of St. Blaise, and many more. Your guide will walk you through the city and tell you about its magnificent history. We will then continue our trip to Konavle, the area that is mostly known for its silk, but also for its beautiful countryside. Lunch will be enjoyed in Konavle, after which we will head to Atelier, a Konavle traditional silk art shop. The production of silk in Konavle is a part of tradition in this area. You will have the opportunity to experience it in atelier, through demonstrations of traditional sewing that is practiced here. You will then go back to Dubrovnik to enjoy the city’s atmosphere at night.

Day 3 (Pelješac, Ston & rural household)
Third day of your tour you will continue your journey to Ston, exploring the 14th century city with the second largest walls in the world, its attractive gothic centre and salt works. The drive to Ston takes about one hour, through small villages in the Dubrovacko Primorje, surrounded by nature and sea. After a tour of Ston, you will be taken to a pier where you will get into a small boat and try oyster tasting while cruising around the sea. Afterwards, you will continue your trip to a local winery, as the whole Pelješac peninsula is mostly known for its outstanding red wine, which is made from the grape “Plavac Mali”. You will visit one winery, where you will taste different sorts of wine and cheese, walk through the vineyards and learn about wine production. Afterwards, you will head off to a small area called Smokovljani, 30 minutes away, where you will be guests of rural tourism. The property welcomes you with their homemade brandies, such as lozovaca, travarica, etc. and their local homemade dishes. You will try food that is traditional for this part of Croatia, enjoy the ranch with many animals and the natural beauty that surrounds the property, with sounds of the traditional instrument “ljerica”.

Day 4 (Perast, Kotor & Sv. Stefan)
Early in the morning, after breakfast, you will continue your trip to Montenegro, starting with the beautiful town Perast, located on the coast. The drive from Dubrovnik lasts about two and a half hours but will surely feel less when driving through and looking at the beautiful Montenegrin coastline. When you arrive in Perast, the small and breathtaking coastal city, you will see its rich maritime history and stonework everywhere you go. The city feels like a mosaic, it is built around baroque buildings of extraordinary beauty, which you will experience by walking through the city. After sightseeing in Perast, you will continue your journey to Kotor, a city that is inscribed on UNESCO’s list of protected cultural heritage. It is surrounded by 4 kilometre long walls and it has a maritime museum, small and big squares and winding streets.  Being there and seeing it with your own eyes is a story that cannot be told. Lunch break will be in Kotor, in a local restaurant where you will taste traditional dishes. After lunch, you will continue to St. Stefan, a small islet and luxury resort on the coast of Montenegro. After settling in the hotel, you will surely want to take a walk through the resort and have a refreshing drink by the shore.

Day 5 (Njeguši & Cetinje)
After breakfast at the resort, you will continue exploring Montenegro. Your first stop will be after an hour’s drive, in the small village of Njeguši. The village is situated on the hillside of Mount Lovćen and is mostly known for being the birthplace of the Petrović dynasty, who were the ruling family in Montenegro for 200 years. As you arrive in the village, you will walk around Lovćen National Park and see the beautiful landscape that surrounds the village. It is also known for cheese and prosciutto, which are made only in the area around the village and which you can taste while there. You will continue your trip to Cetinje, the historical Montenegrin capital, origin of its religion and patriotism. Today, Cetinje has become the cultural, historical and religious capital of Montenegro, where you can enjoy architecture and beauty in every building. When you arrive to Cetinje, you will have a lunch break at a local restaurant where you will taste traditional Cetinje food. You will then tour around the city to see all of its attractions. Later in the afternoon, you will go back to St. Stefan, where you can relax at the resort.

Day 6 (Bar & Skadar)
As you had breakfast at your hotel, you will meet your driver and go to the city of Bar. The drive takes around 45 minutes, through picturesque landscapes. Bar is a small port town, but it has many green areas and it makes the perfect symphony of modern city and country. It offers many attractions such as Haj Nehaj Fortress, the castle of King Nikola, an Old Olive Tree that is 2000 years old and the beautiful old city of Bar. After sightseeing in Bar, you will continue your journey to Skadar Lake, which is the biggest lake in the Balkan Peninsula. Your drive will last about two hours, through the mesmerizing countryside of Montenegro. When you arrive at the lake, you will have lunch in a local restaurant, where you will try traditional Montenegrin dishes and enjoy your time by the lake. After walking around the lake and exploring all of its wonders, you will head back to St. Stefan, to enjoy the resort since it’s your last day there.

Day 7 (Dubrovnik – departure)
The last day of your tour, you will go back to Dubrovnik, from where you will have your departure. You will be taken to the airport depending on the time of your flight, but to arrive at the airport two hours before to have enough time to do the check-in. Dubrovnik’s airport is small, and it is easy to find each gate, since there are only a couple of them.